A Man In China Lives With Seven Silicone Sex Dolls

A literal Dollhouse

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A man in China could be considered a polygamist since he’s somewhat involved with seven women and they all live with him. He escapes the label because these women are made of silicone, not just their boobs. The whole kit and caboodle.

58-year-old Li Chen has spent more than eleven thousand pounds on these human-like dolls which he considers his ‘daughters.’ MailOnline interviewed the gentleman who prefers to go by a pseudonym.

Li insists that he does not use these figures for sex but rather companionship. The dolls join him on mini-breaks and star in an innocent video clip or two.

He also uses them for sex education purposes, namely for his 18-year-old son who received one for his birthday to ‘satisfy his biological needs.’

Li raised his son on his own after divorcing his wife when the child was only five years old. The obsession with dolls didn’t begin then mind you.


It actually started when he was on vacation with a girlfriend, and they came upon a store that sold these dolls. His partner was interested in the toys and wanted to get one to ‘dress up.’

Eventually the couple split up, and Li continued collecting the niche items out of loneliness more than anything else. 


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Its amassed to a virtual harem, Li however thinks this is just fine – he told the publication ‘Sex doll collectors, and users are very normal. As a matter of fact, [we] are more normal than those people who call us “weird” but who themselves have unfaithful sexual relationships.’

To each their own, once you’re not keeping people in freezers, we say.

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