A London Cafe Just Took It Too Far With Nazi-Inspired Smoothies

Always Too Soon

The Nazis decimated six million Jewish men, women and children during the Second World War as well as almost half a million people from Britain in the most devastating war and genocide in history.

It seems someone working at a cafe on Old Street in London didn’t get the memo that its always too soon to for a Nazi joke. 


Nincomsoup, a cafe specialising in (according to the website) ‘global soups, freshly squeezed juices, and speciality coffee’, recently came under some serious fire from the Campaign Against Anti Semitism for a new smoothie in their shop.

Nutzy, a drink containing almond milk (and a good dash of stupid) was noticed by a customer of the Jewish faith who took understandable offense to such a name. 

When they questioned the staff at Nincomsoup, a server stated that, “London is a free city.”

After a pile of complaints the upper tier at the cafe removed the smoothie from shelves and issued an apology on their twitter, claiming a ‘rogue employee’ was the one behind the insensitive product. 

A statement from Nincomsoup’s website:

“Sadly, an employee deemed it appropriate to put a Swastika on a smoothie named The Nutzy.  This was unsanctioned and the bottles were removed immediately upon being alerted by our shop manager.  Needless to say the rogue employee has been dismissed.  This was incomprehensible, extremely insensitive, and upsetting to all of us. We unreservedly apologise.”

Nincompoops is more like it.

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