A Load Of New Netflix Shows Have Just Been Unlocked

The streaming giant just got even bigger.

Netflix Image Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Netflix is home to thousands of cool shows and movies, but somehow it’s still never quite enough.

Despite being spoiled for choice, we’ve all spent hours scrolling through the site looking for something to watch, and to complicate matters even further, there’s loads of extra content heading our way very soon.

The streaming service has been required to unlock a load of content categories in Europe following a ruling following European Parliament.

Netflix uses “geo-fencing” to limit certain shows and movies to different parts of the world depending on your IP address, but all that could be about to change across Europe.

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Netflix The streaming giant Image Getty Images

European bosses are now insisting that Netflix should allow users to view content wherever they are in Europe.

So, it would mean that English customers could watch British shows if they’re travelling in another country, and they could also get the chance to watch shows from places like France, Italy and Spain.

After seeing this ruling handed down, it’s only a matter time before we can get all US content over here in the UK, right?

The change can only be good news for customers, especially as it was revealed that the Netflix movie catalogue had shrunk by over 50% since 2012.

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