A Christmas greeting from Liz Hurley

Hurley sends out her annual Christmas card.

liz hurley christmas greeting
Woof Hurley turns heads on the slopes.

Some families position themselves in front of the tree wearing Christmas hats and taking a selfie for their annual Christmas portrait.

Not Elizabeth Hurley though.

Liz, who turned fifty this year, has sent out her yearly Christmas greeting wearing little more than an extreme tan while standing against a background of snow and a pack of understandably leery wolves.

Hurley, who sot to fame during her romance with Hugh Grant in the 1990s, has just posted the image on her Instagram account, and announced that she’s heading off on a Winter break, writing: “Bye bye London til 2016. Heading West to family, friends, fire and fun. Yippee.”

This isn’t the first time she has posed in next to nothing for fans on her social media pages. The Royals actress frequently uploads sensational images from the past and not-so-distant past to keep her legions of followers happy.

Hurley recently featured in our Classic section with a shoot and interview from 1994 when she was twenty-seven years old and living in Los Angeles.

The actress revealed that she had aspirations to write a screenplay and to act alongside Robert DeNiro. She also told that she was open to filming risqué stuff, if the script was right.

“I like sex in films”, she said at the time.

“In LA they all think I have a very European attitude towards nudity but it’s never something that’s crossed my mind. Taking my top off in Aria (a highly acclaimed arthouse film) was intrinsic to the story. I’d never do anything with sleazebags where I felt I was being manipulated. The minute I feel something going on which I don’t like, I’m the first one flying out the door.”

Here, we have picked out five of her best from Instagram.


Liz Hurley
Off for a swim... Preparing for her morning dip. Image Elizabeth Hurley Instagram


Liz Hurley Instagram
Bedazzled Liz the snake charmer


Itsy bitsy
Itsy bitsy Modelling her bikini range.


Liz Hurley Instagram
Throwback Friday Looking not in any way different from today.


Lounging around
Lounging around You should really take your make-up off before bed, Liz.
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