A Group Of Students Want To Brew Beer On The Moon

Here's hop-ping they succeed

Spaceman brew Image Carlsberg

On December 28, 2017, a group of students from the University of California: San Diego are launching beer into space.

Of course, It’s more complicated than that, but what an idea. They are finalists in a competition called Lab2Moon created by TeamIndus, a startup that won a $1,000,000 fund in Google’s Lunar XPRIZE competition. The winning spacecraft built by TeamIndus has lunar ambitions and the UC San Diego students calling themselves, ‘Team Original Gravity’ want to send some yeast along for the ride.

The group spoke to the university news centre about the inspiration for their project,

“We all appreciate the craft of beer, and some of us own our own home-brewing kits. When we heard that there was an opportunity to design an experiment that would go up on India’s moonlander, we thought we could combine our hobby with the competition by focusing on the viability of yeast in outer space.” Said team PR & Operations Lead, Neeki Ashair. 

Team Original Gravity holding the moon beer cannister Image Erik Jepsen UC San Diego Publications

The goal is to pre-mix malt and water together into a solution called wort on earth. This is then poured into a soda-can sized vessel, designed to promote the fermentation process – allowing the wort to turn into bubbly alcohol or beer on the Moon. Without the whole CO2 carbonation process, which is not the best for space sanitation.

An official statement from the  student collective posted on Facebook read:“[The canister] contains three compartments—the top will be filled with the unfermented beer, and the second will contain the yeast. When the rover lands on the moon with our experiment, a valve will open between the two compartments, allowing the two to mix,”

The final prototype is heading to Bangalore, India in March along with the other contenders. We’ll see who makes it. Though loaded will say – beer is always the answer to the question.

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