A Frozen River In Russia Looks Exactly Like An Iconic Horror Mask

This isn't your mother's babbling brook

The Scream MaskImage Dimensions

Russia has been in the headlines lately, thanks to a certain orange American head of state. But one news story has everyone particularly weirded out. A picture of Irtysh River in Russia just revealed something eerie on its frozen surface.

Only in Russia would a river do this. Back in January, the ice appeared to melt in a way that formed an uncanny resemblance to the Ghostface mask from the Scream films. See for yourself.

The picture was uploaded to Imgur by a user called SuperSaiyanGoku and has gone viral with more than 320,000 views – we can see why. It’s something of an anomaly. Hard to believe this is nature’s work.


Many commenters are claiming it’s the work of photoshop with someone posting a photo of the original. You never know with the internet these days.

But still, it’s pretty genius; you have to admit. This isn’t the first time nature has tried to scare the shit out of us.

A Bulgarian beech tree was terrifying people last year because it echoed the shape of a giant man or Treebeard the Ent from Lord of The Rings.



Then there was this penis rock formation in Guangdong, China. Honestly many things look like a penis if you stare long enough.



Either way, that river face is freaky. Well-played, nature.

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