These Are The Reasons Women Are Most Likely To Cheat

Food for thought lads...

Why do guys always want sex in the morning?
Couple in bed Is this the reason women cheat?

Sadly, there are many people around the world who cheat on their partners all the time – that’s just a fact.

If one half of a couple in unfaithful, it can inflict a crack in the bond, which is sometimes too deep to remedy, and it’s a real problem in modern relationships.

The onus is usually directed at the man – and with good reason. After all, when the extramarital affair website Ashley Madison was exposed, the public discovered that 95% of users were male.

However, recent studies have supported the idea that while men tend to cheat more than women the cause is less about emotion and more about biology.

They just can’t help it. Hormones, genetics, and evolution all play a part in infidelity. In an op-ed in the New York Times a few years ago, psychologist Richard A. Friedman explored the notion that women too have the evolutionary need to cheat.

“Women who carry certain variants of the vasopressin receptor gene are much more likely to engage in “extra pair bonding,” the scientific euphemism for sexual infidelity,” he wrote.


But like Freidman notes, don’t send your wife to the GP to test her vasopressin just yet – along with these natural motivations there are outside forces that should also be addressed.

We’ve put together just a few reasons why women cheat – listen up guys…




She’s Bored

Men use this as an excuse as well, but the reasons women become bored may differ. A lot of the time it’s because the man doesn’t meet her expectations in terms of future plans.



She’s Turning 36

A recent study found that women are more likely to cheat around the age of 36. Victoria Milan, yet another extramarital affair forum, discovered that on average women tend to get a roving eye around this age. Thanks to rampant ageism in some sectors of society, some women are considered over the hill at 36, so she might be looking for someone to make her feel young again or feel the urge to settle down – if you’re not ready, she could look elsewhere.


She Wants Revenge

Nothing worse than a woman scorned right? Revenge affairs are common in fractured relationships, and it can be a way for females to gain back some control in their partnership. Feeling desirable in a relationship is vital.


While it’s never this simple and everyone has their individual reasons, these three are possible scenarios and could be happening in your relationship right now. The more you know…

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