A Cleaning Company Is Hiring Workers To Clean Completely Naked

It's not a joke, it's a lifestyle.

Christy Turlington
Bare naked ladies Christy posted this throwback birthday tribute to Cindy Crawford on her account. Image Picture Instagram/Christy Turlington

Being naked is not a state, is a lifestyle, and if there’s nothing more common in one’s lifestyle than cleaning the house, then why not do it naked?

That is now a reality, as a cleaning company, Naturist Cleaners, is looking for new workers (women only), to perform their jobs completely naked (except for gloves and slippers, they need to protect their hands after all) for £45 per hour.

The cleaners will iron your clothes Image Naturist Cleaners website

Nudity is a requirement for this company, as it provides services for the nudist community, so the job is strictly non-sexual. In fact, the clients must agree to a no touch and no video policy.

The service can go both ways: either the client is nude or the cleaner is nude –but of course, there is also the choice of having both nude, as long as they feel comfortable.

On their Facebook page, Naturist Cleaners is described as providing “professional cleaning services to naturists or everyone who wants to relax, have different experience and watch their home to be clean by one of our friendly naturist cleaners.”

Your house will be as clean as ever Image Naturist Cleaners Facebook Page

Among the things that a cleaner can do, the description includes “water plants, make beds, iron clothes, wash the floors, polish furniture”, reassuring that it is all done “completely nude.”

The service offers cleaners in different areas of the UK, and the ladies are not just hired for their views towards nudity, as they are all professional cleaners with experience.

Naturist Cleaners is currently looking for workers of every age and figure, and it’s being going for two years now.

If by any chance you are interested in requesting their services or in applying for a job with them, what are you waiting for?

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