A Beer Hotel Is Happening And We Can’t F*cking Wait

We know what we're doing next year...

The DogHouse - Coming Soon! Image BrewDog

A hotel is opening up soon, and it’s all about beer. Take a backseat, Disney; this is officially the ‘hoppiest’ place on earth.

Scottish craft beer specialists BrewDog recently announced that production on their ‘DogHouse’ hotel is underway.

The company are investing a whopping £6m into the development, and they also recently raised over £100,000 in a crowdfunding campaign via IndieGoGo, which will help get the project underway quicker.

While the beer company have provided most of the money, they state on their page that ‘the proceeds of this campaign will enable us to fast-track the project through to completion.’ Well, mission achieved guys.

The DogHouse Hotel room Image BrewDog


The hotel itself, which will be based in Columbus, Ohio, is inspired by the recent launch of their first craft brewery in the USA.

Designs for the building are complete, and BrewDog’s plans for the DogHouse look pretty epic.

If you’re lucky enough to stay there after its completion, craft beer spa treatments, malted barley massages and a ‘hoppy’ feet pedicures will all be included in your experience. Ease up on the puns guys…

Hotel rooms will also be kitted out with beer-inspired interior decorating, beer taps, and ‘shower beer fridges’ so you can throw a cold one back during a warm bath.

The DogHouse is aiming for a grand opening by the end of next year, and we’re hoping it inspires a new trend in beer hospitality worldwide.

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