A Barman Saw Someone Spike A Girls Drink And His Reaction Was Epic

Good man

Image Grand Hotel du Palais

A bartender recently used the infamous, anonymous confessional app Whisper to detail his heroic deed.

Date rape drugs are no joke and unfortunately still widely utilized by complete tossers. According to the website Rape Crisis: England & Wales nearly half a million adults are sexually assaulted in England and Wales each year.

The most popular drug used is the medication, Rohypnol. As we don’t know the identity of the individual the barman witnessed, we can’t know if he used this or not. The NHS also lists; ketamine,Valium, GBH and GBL as other drugs participating in date rape assaults.

Whisper also listed other users who admitted to preventing sexual assaults in a list of about 21. It’s heartening to know there are good samaritans out there.

The side effects from consuming any of the drugs listed include: lowered inhibitions, difficulty concentrating or speaking, loss of balance and finding it hard to move, visual problems, particularly blurred vision and memory loss (amnesia) or “blackouts.”

If someone is caught spiking a person’s drink, the punishment is 10 years in prison.

Loaded sends major props to the mysterious bartender and others who are looking out for their fellow human on this big blueberry. 

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