A Bad Boys TV Spin-Off Is Being Developed – But There’s A Catch

Fans of the Will Smith/Martin Lawrence franchise could yet be left disappointed though.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in Bad BoysImage Columbia Pictures

While the future of long awaited sequel Bad Boys 3 continues to hang in the balance, it would appear that plans are moving forward for a TV spin-off series.

Deadline is reporting that a spin-off is currently being pitched to several TV networks starring Gabrielle Union as Syd Burnett, the DEA agent she played in Bad Boys 2 back in 2003.

Union’s character was revealed as the sister of Detective Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) in the sequel while also being romantically involved with Detective Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) as part of a set-up designed to cause friction between the pair.

In Bad Boys 2, it’s eventually revealed that Union’s character is, in fact, an undercover DEA agent tasked with bringing down a group of Russian and Cuban gangsters.

The series would likely follow her continuing work as an undercover agent and could yet feature Lawrence and Smith in guest star or cameo roles.

Jerry Bruckheimer is reportedly involved while the show is also being written by Brandon Sonnier and Brandon Margolis, who previously collaborated on The Blacklist.

The announcement comes as plans for Bad Boys 3 continue to stall.

At one point, it seemed like fans might end up getting two sequels though in more recent times Lawrence has poured cold water on the project, stating that Smith’s busy schedule would make it difficult to do.

Bruckheimer remains confident that a follow-up will happen at some point. In the meantime, a spin-off fronted by Union could be used to bridge the gap.

Bad Boys star Gabrielle Union.
Image Columbia

Though the likelihood of either Lawrence or Smith featuring in the film is slim, it cannot be completely ruled out at this stage.

Lawrence, in particular, has endured some lean years on the big and small screen and could welcome the chance to reprise one of his most popular roles, if offered to him.

The series would represent a huge opportunity for Union, meanwhile, who has more than earned her stripes over the course of a successful 20+ year film and TV career.

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