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One of British publishing’s most instantly recognisable brands, loaded is back.

With a stunning premium website, loaded has brought back the high-quality feel of the magazine’s earliest days to the digital realm, both with innovative journalism and as a home for highlighting video and photography at its best. Famed for its irreverent and scabrous attitude to life, the new loaded editorial team have recaptured the original magazine’s spirit and rebooted it for the digital world.

Rather than copy the instant gratification feel of most current websites, loaded has already established itself as a home for in-depth revelatory longform interviews with both the biggest names in entertainment, whether with established mainstream names such as Stephen Spielberg, Michael Fassbender, Cara Delevingne and Tom Jones or from the cutting-edge box-set dramas like The Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones and House Of Cards.

As in its original incarnation, where future stars like Elizabeth Hurley, Eddie Izzard and Tyson Fury gave their first interviews to loaded, our new incarnation champions comedians, musicians and actors on the cusp of major success, such as comedian Rob Beckett, singer Jack Garrett and actress Michaela Coel.

Recognising that the world has moved on from the now-dated laddish ethos of the 90s, loaded’s investigations team highlight the realities behind the world of drugs, adult entertainment and crime.

Oh, and there’s a shedload of jokes too, as well as breaking news exclusives: we were first to reveal in November that Adele is headlining Glastonbury, four months before it was officially announced, before exclusively naming two of the festival’s other stage headliners in January.

In short, loaded is reborn as a quality magazine online. It’s the viral antivirus.

GET loaded

Our weekly subscribers’ email Get loaded launched in March 2016.

Rather than the Londoncentric feel of many websites’ mailouts, Get loaded previews the best nights out and entertainment across Britain alongside showcasing the best loaded journalism.

With its unique insight into the loaded world and going behind-the-scenes on our best high-profile interviews, the Friday morning Get loaded e-mail has already become essential compelling reading for our subscribers.


Media Pack 2016

loaded is ready to lead the way in digital creative partnerships with commercial partners. Our editorial and commercial team are committed to working together to bring partnerships to life from inception to completion. This includes working on videos and sponsored advertorial articles, and a determination to bring all our clients’ ideas to life.

Apple News Listing

The website began again in November 2015, initially with an advertising-free soft launch. Now loaded’s thriving community of readers have become accustomed to the prime magazine-style content, we are ready to bring commercial partners into the fold.

Weekly Newsletters

As well as our website and social media platforms, the weekly Get loaded email to subscribers offers a range of commercial opportunities. With an unparalleled relationship between executives on editorial and commercial helping clients to maximise their products’ message, our work with commercial partners is crucial to the success of revitalising the loaded brand.


    We are seeking a full time content creator intern with strong knowledge and understanding of the digital media landscape and social media platforms including SnapChat to work on dynamic content opportunities for loaded's new and exciting website. The ideal candidate will have strong creative thinking skills, previous writing experience, knowledge of Sport, Music, Film and above all be a self motivator. We are looking for someone who wants to be part of a fast growing website and work in a flexible/driven environment.

    Please email your CV to: editorial@loaded.co.uk

  • Careers

    loaded DIGITAL is an award-winning media company and a leading digital publisher. We create original magazines and digital brands within an inspiring, fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment.

    loaded DIGITAL is committed to ‘growing our own’ – positively encouraging people to build satisfying careers within the company. Many of the senior team at loaded started off with the company in more junior positions and have taken on more responsibility and seniority over time.

    If you would like to work in a busy, fast-growing creative company, then loaded is the place for you.



About Us

Launched in 1994, loaded quickly established itself as one of the most successful magazines of its time.

Cited as being at the forefront of the lad culture of the time, in its original guise loaded was a celebratory magazine which featured a wide range of culture from football and extreme sports to music, film and comedy. Under the editorship of James Brown, it effectively heralded the rebirth of gonzo journalism in British writing, with features on Italian sex clubs and infiltrating Satanic cults.

Cover stars included Gary Oldman, Oasis, Kevin Keegan, Reeves & Mortimer, Cameron Diaz, Liz Hurley, Kylie Minogue and David Beckham. Columnists over the years have included Irvine Welsh, Donal MacIntyre, John Niven, Vic Reeves, Ricky Hatton, Andy McNab, Julie Burchill and Johnny Vegeas.

Within five years, circulation had reached over 500,000 copies a month. It continued to win industry awards for feature writing and consumer journalism and won the prestigious PPA Magazine Of The Year in 1995 and 1996.

In more recent years cover stars included Ben Affleck, Idris Elba, Al Pacino and Noel Gallagher.

The digital age requires a new being and loaded is presented across multiple platforms including at the loaded.co.uk url.

  • Team Member

    John Earls

    loaded’s deputy editor John Earls has covered entertainment and sport across a range of national newspapers, plus several football and music magazines, since 1990.
    Follow him on Twitter at @EarlsJohn

    Team Member

    Jen O'Brien

    loaded’s entertainment editor Jennifer O’Brien is an award-winning journalist who has written extensively about popular culture as a national newspaper columnist and author.
    Follow her on Twitter at @Jen_OBrien1

    Team Member

    Pearse Corcoran

    loaded sports writer Pearse Corcoran has covered news, sport and entertainment for several national newspapers and radio stations in Ireland.
    Follow him on Twitter at @PearseCorcoran

  • Team Member

    Simon Reynolds

    loaded digital media manager Simon Reynolds has written about film and entertainment for various leading websites since 2008.
    Follow Simon at @simonreyn

    Team Member

    Jack Beresford

    loaded staff writer Jack Beresford has produced content for the Lad Bible, Axonn Media and a variety of online sports and viral news media outlets.
    Follow Jack @JackBeresford86

    Team Member

    Luke Remon

    Video contributor Luke Remon has worked in the post-production industry and cuts together interviews and features for loaded.

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