Is 90s pop sensation Gina G Even Hotter Now Than In 1996?

Ooh Aah just a little bit...

Gina G
Gina G is the Ooh Aah (Just A Little Bit) singer hotter now?

Think of music from the 90s. Go on, do it – you’re thinking of Brit pop, right?

Music from the decade is synonymous with Blur vs Oasis, but there was some great pop being produced at the same time all that nonsense was kicking off you know…

Spice Girls were at the height of their fame, and for a brief time in the mid 90s a Eurovision star going by the name of Gina G became the biggest name in music.

Her smash hit Ooh Aah (Just A Little Bit) took the UK to eighth place in Eurovision and climbed all the way to number one in 1996, making her a household name in the process. Remember it?

Unfortunately for Gina though, her follow up singles I Belong To You and Fresh didn’t have the same impact, and a few years later she was forced the leave the music industry for good following a heated legal battle with a former manager.

Nearly a decade passed, before Gina attempted to stage a comeback via her old stomping ground – the Eurovision song contest.

Gina G

The singer entered the competition to represent the UK in 2005, but ended up coming fifth in the running – behind Javine a Katie Price. 

Gina G’s been pretty quiet on the music front since then, and it got us thinking – what’s she up to now?

Fans will be pleased to know that Gina is still working on music, and she looks just as stunning as she did back in the 90s.

The singer released a music video for her song Next 2 U in 2011, and surprised fans with a new brunette look.

She looks incredible at 46, in fact, could she be hotter than she looked in 1996? Ooh Aah, just a little bit…

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