9 stunning women dressed as Game of Thrones’ Khaleesi

Prepare to be amazed by these cosplayers.

Trisha Layons Khaleesi cosplayImage Picture Trisha Layons/DeviantArt

You can’t escape it. Try is you might there’s no getting away from Game of Thrones.

In the five years since HBO launched its sex and dragons-fest TV series, it’s gone from relatively under-the-radar fantasy novel to a bona fide phenomenon.

The breakout star of the series is without question Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons who’s quickly gathered a fanbase worshipping her every move.

The Game of Thrones obsession extends beyond the show itself. The hardcore followers recreate it for real, dressing up as their favourite characters in startlingly accurate costume recreations (it’s called cosplaying, grandad!).

It’s hardly surprising that Daenerys, aka Khaleesi, is top of the pile when it comes to cosplay. Here are nine stunning women dressed as the Thrones heroine.


Anna Stoya

Anna Stoya Khaleesi cosplay


The eyebrows, the wig, the striking eyes. Anna Stoya’s Khaleesi is a dynamite recreation.

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