9 stunning women cosplaying as Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn

Move over, Margot Robbie...

Harley Quinn cosplay Chloe Douglas
Daddy's Lil Monster Chloe Douglas as Harley Quinn.

Margot Robbie has some serious Harley Quinn competition.

Despite being stranded in Suicide Squad, a movie that, well, just wasn’t very good, she’s emerged as one of the biggest stars of 2016.

Everyone’s fallen for her DC Comics character, the manic muse of the Joker who’s caked in makeup and keen to cause chaos.

The Harley Quinn obsession even extends beyond the film itself. Her hardcore followers do things for real, dressing up as the character in startlingly accurate costume recreations – it’s called cosplaying, in case you didn’t know.

It’s hardly surprising that Harley is so popular when it comes to cosplay; the character is fun, sexy and a badass – expect Halloween to be flooded with doppelgängers. Here are nine stunning women dressed as Harley Quinn…


Super Mary Face is first up to bat

Harley Quinn cosplay Super Mary Face


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