9 Giant Stars You Totally Forgot Appeared In Buffy The Vampire Slayer

From Prison Break to Game Of Thrones, many a star passed through Sunnydale

The original Buffy The Vampire Slayer cast.
Buffy The Vampire Slayer The original cast Image ABC

Buffy The Vampire Slayer is 20 years old, so it’s hardly a surprise to learn that some of the actors that appeared on the show have gone on to bigger and better things – and we don’t just mean Angel.

Featuring familiar faces from the world of Prison Break, Game of Thrones and a fair-few Oscar-nominated movies along the way, here are nine giant stars who started out with small roles on Buffy.


Amy Adams

Before Arrival

Long before Adams became a Hollywood A-lister, she appeared in the Buffy episode “Family” as the cousin of Willow’s girlfriend, Tara. A character with sinister motives. Nice.


John Hawkes

Eastbound & Buffy

Another Oscar-nominee and Deadwood star, Hawkes turned up in “Only Have Eyes For You” as the Sunnydale High janitor forced to deal with a lot of rubbish. And some ghosts.


Kal Penn

Harold & Xander

Before Harold & Kumar and his work for the White House, Penn played your typical college beer drinker in the episode Beer Bad. The episode saw him and his college pals get turned into caveman after a grumpy pub owner casts an evil spell.



Danny Strong

Oscar worthy

Long before he got busy writing films like Hunger Games and The Butler, as well as co-creating the series Empire, Strong played the reoccurring role of nerd-turned-villain Jonathan Levinson on the series.



Rachel Bilson

Type O.C.

Bilson played potential slayer Colleen in the episode Dirty Girls in what was just her second on-screen role. She even got involved in a sexy dream involving Xander. Wow.


D.B. Woodside

Lucifer's brother himself

The Lucifier star, who will also be familiar to fans of 24, played Sunnydale principal Robin Wood, son of deceased slayer Nikki Wood and mortal enemy of Spike, who killed her. Having turned up in the episode “Lessons” he sees out the final season and even survives the final battle in Chosen.


Wentworth Miller

Prison Stake

Miller played Gage Petronzi in the episode “Go Fish” a member of the swim team who eventually turns into a weird fish monster. Buffy soon discovers the coach has been giving the guys fish steroids to make them better swimmer. Oh dear.


Pedro Pascal

Game of Stakes

Pascal played Eddie, Buffy’s first proper new friend at colleage in the episode “The Freshman”. As with Game of Thrones, however, he meets a grizzly end after being attacked and turned into a vampire. Buffy is eventually forced to kill him.



The Grammy award winner played Lissa, a demon who almost convinces Xander into sacrificing himself as part of a ritual designed to release the vampire Turok-Han. Buffy soon comes to the rescue, beheading Lissa along the way. What a way to go.

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