9 Ways To Tell If Someone Is Lying To Your Face

Once you know the obvious signs you’ll never be caught out again.

Jim Carrey in Liar Liar.
Jim Carrey In Liar Liar

The act of lying may not be accompanied by anything immediately obvious like an elongated nose, but once you know the signs it’s pretty easy to tell when something is fibbing.

In fact, it’s widely believed that there are nine tell-tale signs that can help you snuff out a liar with consummate ease. Don’t believe us? Check out the following and decide for yourself.


Look Into My Eyes

There may be those who will be able to look you in the eye and tell a major untruth, but on the whole said liars will look off to the side as they scrabble around inside their minds for the crucial details to make their story or claim that bit more believable, which brings us to…


All about the Details

If someone starts telling you a story and you start to think to yourself that it all sounds a little too good to be true, the chances are you are right. Liars tend to add a little too much detail to any given story, so be on the lookout for anyone over-egging the pudding.


Dotting The I’s

As another general rule, liars tend to avoid using the word “I” or “me” when describing certain situations. That may sound daft to some but there are plenty out there that will shudder at the words “would this man lie to you?”


Repetition, Repetition, Repe…

Often when people are lying to your face they will get into a habit of repeating themselves. A lot of the time they won’t realise they are doing it but it’s a pretty common sign someone is trying to drag out time to come up with some more details to add to their lie.


Covering Yourselves

Liars also tend to, often unconsciously, either touch or cover vulnerable areas of their body. What do these vulnerable areas constitute? The eyes, throat, face, stomach, face and head. Stay vigilant though – it won’t always be obvious.


Move Your Feet

Sometimes people move their feet when they feel anxious. The idea is that they are, subconsciously at least, uneasy and attempting to almost walk away from the conversation. Challenge someone you think is a liar and see if they start shuffling.


Talking Heads

Head movement can say a hell of a lot. Ask someone who is dishonest a question and they might greet it with a sharp tilt or twitch. Whatever the movement is, unless it’s a nod then it’s most likely a sign they are telling porkies.


Every Breath They Take


Liars tend to get caught out on this particular point because, whether they like it or not, their breathing pattern will involuntarily change. This is a result of changes in heart rate. Keep a close eye for any shoulder movement or change in voice volume and pitch.


Anger Issues

If someone gets all up in your face when asked about something, chances are they have got something to hide or, at the very least, are an insensitive asshole. They want distance, they want the discussion to be over and they don’t care how they do it.

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