9 Reasons Owning A Dog Will Get You More Sex

Doggy style

Pets make you more attractive? Do they make you more attractive? Image Pinterest

The debate between dog-people and cat-people has heated up considerably after the results of a poll conducted by UK dating website Elite Singles revealed that dog owners are way more desirable. Cat-people, you’ve screwed the pooch on this one.

Said dating forum conducted a study involving 1000 singles, who were asked to choose whose pet they’d prefer to see in the morning. An overwhelming 63% claim they’d rather cuddle with someone’s dog than face a pussycat’s claws. They added that the way these animals are treated is also an indicator of how their humans will behave in the relationship. So regard your fluffy children as the royalty they are.

With that in mind, loaded has compiled nine ways Fido can get you f*cked. 




You’re probably more caring than most 

If you want a dog then you’re interested in giving love, this is a good thing. 

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Fitness is most likely a priority 

Pooches need walks which will get you burning calories daily. Physically fit people are just more attractive. Sorry. 


Sense of humour

Dogs are hilarious derps, if you own one you like to laugh and that’s a super fuckable quality. No one likes a grumpy bugger. 



You’re not a psychopath 

An early indicator of psychosis is inflicting harm on animals. If you’re a good dog owner then you’re not an axe murderer. That’s always hot. 



You probably don’t have allergies

Sneezing is gross, especially during sex. 



You got those laid back vibes

Owning a dog takes a lot of patience, you’re probably pretty chill when it comes to loud noises, poo and dirt.



You’re friendly

Studies suggest that dog owners are more outgoing and sociable than cat people. 



Get sick a lot less

Dog owners are covered in germs, so they become much more resistant to most viruses. Antibodies yo.  

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You won’t drop dead 

Dogs are very good for heart health and unlike cats, they’ll save you from a burning building. 

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