9 McDonald’s Secret Menu Items That Will Change Your Life Forever

From the Monster Mac to the Apple Pie McFlurry – brace yourself for some culinary delights.

The McDonald's secret menu selection.
McDonald's may never be the same again. Image McDonald's

There’s no denying that McDonald’s is a truly global fast food phenomenon selling more than 75 hamburgers a second and feeding about one per cent of the world’s population every single day – that’s 68 million people!

And given the astonishing number of Big Macs, Chicken McNuggets and French fries being consumed every day, it’s not a massive surprise to learn that some people might want to get a little creative when visiting the Golden Arches.

The result is the McDonald’s Secret Menu – a range of items created by combining two or more existing options into one gloriously messy but equally delicious treat.

Of course the calorie counts are going to be off the charts here and you’re probably going to want to stay within five minutes of a toilet for around two hours after eating but, seriously, you have to try some of these incredible creations – nine to be exact.


The Hash Browns McMuffin

The Hash Browns McMuffin

It’s a little known McDonald’s secret that hash browns are a tasty optional extra for anyone buying a McMuffin. So make sure you ask whoever is working on the till for one to be included. Your taste buds will thank you, even if your bowels don’t.


The Mc10:35

The Mc10:35.

The rarely spotted Mc10:35 burger is all about timing. You need to be at the counter around 10:35 to get it. McDonald’s breakfast comes to an end around this time, giving customers a small window to order an egg McMuffin and Double Cheeseburger. Combine the two and strap yourself in for a ride to flavour town. Yes, that’s a Guy Fieri reference.


The Grilled Cheese

The Grilled Cheese.

Possibly the easiest secret menu item to acquire without looking like a douchebag or a deranged pig, to get your hands on a Maccy D’s grilled cheese, just ask for a cheese burger minus the beef. Seriously, that’s it.


The Land, Sea and Air Burger

The Land, Sea and Air Burger

The Avengers of secret menu items, this bad boy brings together all the legends of McDonald’s – the Big Mac, the McChicken and the Filet-O-Fish – and asks you to combine them in one giant burger that’s liable to dislocate your jaw. Damn tasty though.


The Neapolitan Shake

The Neapolitan Shake.

Struggling to decide which flavour of McDonald’s milkshake goop you want to go for? How about all three! Simply ask whoever serves you to put a bit of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry in there and bombs away. Never ask for banana though. No one likes banana.


The Monster Mac

The Monster Mac.

One for the hardcore McDonald’s fans among us, the Monster Mac can be purchased by asking for a Big Mac with eight beef patties. Now that might seem like a lot of beef and that’s main because it is. It’s obscene amount of beef, in fact. So much so that you’re liable to get the meat sweats from this baby, so have plenty of napkins on hand.


Chicken McGriddle

The Chicken McGriddle.

One of those items you have to ask for over the counter, the Chicken McGriddle is basically a hardcore version of the standard chicken burger. Just order a McChicken and ask for it to be grilled in the McGriddle. They’ll do the rest.


The McGangBang

The McGangBang.

Our favourite entry on this crazy list of McDonald’s creations, the McGangBang is every bit as sexy tasting as it sounds. Simply ask for a double cheeseburger and chicken mayo.

Peel the double cheeseburger apart and put one half either side of the chicken mayo. Press down with the might of someone delivering CPR and, hey presto, you have a cheap and cheerful alternative to the Big Mac.


The Apple Pie McFlurry

The Apple Pie McFlurry.

The perfect fusion of two McDonald’s staples, we won’t patronise you by explaining how it works. Let’s just say there is a clue in the name.

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