9 Incredible Corner Shop Crisps We All Miss From Our Childhood

Crisps: The Cornerstone Of Growing Up In Britain

A collection of crisps.
Crisps Glorious Crisps

A bag of crisps,  a can of drink, and even a chocolate bar – all for less that 50p? Yes, those were the glory days. The 90’s brought us many things including dodgy boy bands, dial-up, slap bracelets and what is now known as the commercial ‘Hummer’.

Today loaded is looking back at perhaps the most iconic treat kids in the 90’s would have had in their lunch boxes : crisps. Back when parents didn’t give a sh*t about E numbers and saturated fats, these tasty treats were available in almost any corner shop.




Quarter backs

The ultimate cool dude crisp. If you had these in your lunchbox you were popular. They were shaped like tiny people with the limbs spread out as though all they wanted to do was hug your tongue with their cheese burger goodness.



Are you a fan of salt ‘n’ vinegar? Well you didn’t have a choice. Sort of… these tangy devils were the ultimate statement piece in the crisp-verse. Shaped like an ordinary french fry they packed a deep vinegary punch, with heaps of flavour. 



You can tell these were rare, even the picture we found is rare. The 3D piglets were ideal for placing inside of a sandwich, to add a bit of crunch. They definitely packed a punch, and you could still smell the Pickled Onion flavour even after you thoroughly washed your hands. 



Tangy Toms

These were perhaps one of the most addictive crisps. The tomato flavour gave them the perfect amount of je ne ce quoi. They were great for sharing as there’d always be so many in the pack.



Roysters – Bubble Chips


Bubbled Chips might not sound that appetising but trust us, these were no joke. Both interesting in  texture and flavour these bad boys made up every child’s 5-a-day at one point. Yes, the 90’s were great.



These were no ordinary onion rings, in-fact I remember seeing my english teacher eating these at one point. A testament to their lushness. Ringos tasted the way they looked. No fuss no mess, just pure oniony goodness. 




If you were a fan of Tangy Toms you would have loved these. The flavouring would always be evenly spread out across the curved flat surface, giving you maximum taste bud satisfaction. What made them even more iconic and desirable was the crocodile in sneakers and varsity jacket. 



In a time where crisps could be creative and innovative, Transform-A-Snacks turned to perhaps the most popular pass time for kids growing up in the 90’s: Lego. Combining the two was no small feat but Golden Wonder pulled this off with ease. They also tasted equally as satisfying with the right amount of spice.


Space Raiders


From the cool graphic style logo, to the edgy black pack, with green and yellow font. Everything about these crisps was pure awesome. I never knew anyone who didn’t appreciate Space Raiders. These were a staple in every lunchbox. 

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