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9 Beloved 90s Toys That Are Worth Serious Money Today

By Jack Beresford

January 03, 2018

The 1990s were a great decade to grow up in.

There were no smartphones, no Google and no digital TV. All you had to get by was your wit, imagination and, most important of all, your toys.

Super soakers; Game Boys; Tamagotchis; Lego – kids were well and truly spoilt for choice back then and the best part is, some of these beloved toys are actually worth a surprising amount today.

Here are a few to look out for.


Super Soakers

The original and best pump-action, long-range water pistol, Super Soakers go for serious money online now, with one pristine edition dating back to 1990 selling for just over £125 on eBay.




Annoying as they might have been, an original Furby doll is actually worth a pretty penny today, with some selling for anywhere up to £400. Bet you regret throwing yours in the bin now, right?


Pokemon Cards

Pokemon cards were big business back in the day and while they may seem largely redundant to most Pokemon Go players now, some can fetch crazy amounts. This first generation Charizard card, for instance, sold for a whopping £1,755.70 on eBay!


Game Boy Colors

While original edition Game Boys are also worth a fair amount today, it’s the follow-up handheld Nintendo console, the Gameboy Color that could leave you feeling flush.  Well maintained editions can fetch over £1,000 online.


My Little Pony

A favourite among kids growing up in the 90s, standard My Little Pony dolls fetch around £50 on eBay, but complete, well-maintained sets can go for up to £150!




The perfect pet for anyone with parents who really weren’t that keen on cats or dogs, Tamagotchis recently made a comeback, but original working version can go for anywhere up to £100 on eBay.


Easy bake ovens

The perfect gift for anyone who loved baking or just plain old cakes for that matter, a classic Easy Bake oven was last sold for around £500 on Amazon. Those cakes had better be tasty.


Old Lego Sets


Complete Lego sets represent one of the most lucrative old school toy markets going, thanks to the huge demand among adults and children. Standard sets can go for somewhere in the region of £100 while the Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon set, which was only released in 2007, is already selling for close to £5,000 on Amazon!


Polly Pockets


Much like Might Max playsets in their compact design, vintage Polly Pockets are probably worth a bit more than they male-focused counterparts, with vintage sets selling for as close to £300 on eBay.