89% Of Women Find This Trait More Attractive Than Good Looks In Men

The secret to attracting women is... not what you'd expect.

In the bedroom This could make you more attractive

Aside from spending time down the gym and getting a decent haircut, there’s not a great deal that blokes can do to make themselves better looking.

After all, a lot of the time it comes down to genetics, and what you inherit is complete luck of the draw, right?

However, while we can’t teach ourselves how to be handsome, there is something all blokes can do to make themselves more attractive to women.

A new study has been revealed which suggests that there is a specific personality trait that women find more attractive in guys than good looks.

Sunshine.co.uk asked over 2,000 single women in the UK aged between 18-34 about their preferences in men, and came up with some surprising results.

So, what is it this attractive trait? Well, apparently, 89% of those studied claimed that the most attractive quality men can have is a caring personality.

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It was also revealed that 77% of women think financial security is very important in a male partner, while just 75% said the same about good looks.

So, if the study is to be believed, it means that guys should work on coming across as caring if they’re looking to find love.

Oh, and if they’ve got loads of money and are stunningly good looking that would probably help as well…

Meanwhile, a separate study found that women find confidence equally as important in prospective dates.

Guys, you know what to do – caring and confidence is key.

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