These 7 Works Of Pancake Art Will Blow Your Damn Mind

Flippin' amazing.

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Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day has been around for eons. It’s the day to gorge before giving up the vices for Lent if that’s your sort of thing.

The history behind it is quite simple, back in the day the main foods that were not permitted during Lent consisted of egg, butter, and fat. So to use up these perishables before Ash Wednesday, some genius who should receive sainthood immediately, came up with the idea to make copious amounts of pancakes.

To celebrate this auspicious occasion, we have compiled 7 of the sickest pancake art designs on the planet. These are too beautiful to eat.


Boba Fett In The Morning

Brek is a dad who creates jaw-dropping pancake designs for his kid every morning.  He also has a Tumblr where he often posts his artwork. 

Pancake by Brek Image Tumblr Pancake BREKfast


Prehistoric Pancakes

Nathan Shields is ANOTHER dad who enjoys creating art out of the most important meal of the day. Here are some of his pancake pieces. 

Nathan Shields Image Saipancakes



Presidential Pancakes

Dr. Dan the Pancake Man is pretty popular for his pancake illustrations. He’s been invited to the TODAY show in the States for his unreal ability to created hyperrealistic portraits out of pancake batter.




Tiger Tomato is a YouTuber who has over 1million subscribes due to the fact that he creates mind blowing pancake designs. Chimichangas!



Potty Pancake

Jim’s Pancakes creates cool 3D pancake figures, including this semi-disgusting toilet pancake.

Jim's Pancakes


Leopard Pancake

Random pancakes is an awesome Tumblr page full of incredible carbs. Check it out. 




Lastly, we’ll leave you with this Japanese chef who just blew our minds with pancake art. 

Hard pancakes #pancakeart

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Now we’re hungry.

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