7 Truly Terrible Valentine’s Day Fuck-Ups And Fails

Step away from the vagina lollipop

Absolutely not. Valentine's Fails. Image EMGN

Valentine’s Day is arguably the worst day of the year if you’re single and can be even more disastrous if you’re one half of a couple. It’s just a shit day generally. We found seven epic fails on the interweb in retaliation against this stupid holiday.






This guy possibly taking sex dolls to another level entirely. If you thought stepping on Lego hurt…


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Novelty Blow Job Mouth Spray.

Is she laughing? Probably not. 





DO NOT take this to the office. 




Sex Dice could be a bad gamble…





Love Stone

…This has nothing to do with weed, it’s just a rock. Does he/she look like a fucking penguin? Because that’s what penguins do. They don’t earn money, because they’re penguins. 




LEGO: Seasonal Valentine’s Day Dinner.

This is not how to get out of paying for dinner. Those lego pieces will have a better chance of getting lucky than you.




Vagina Lollipop

Who makes these things?


Don’t give anyone any of these things. 



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