7 Songs From Korean Star Psy That Aren’t “Gangnam Style”

He even collaborated with Snoop Dogg on one track...

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Perhaps you didn’t know that Psy, the Korean pop star who is best known internationally for the cheesy mega-hit “Gangnam Style” had a long and illustrious career before the viral dance craze?

While his fame has somewhat dwindled on the global stage, in his homeland of South Korea, he’s a megastar known as “The Bizarre Singer, ” with hits that keep on coming.

There are many Psy tracks you might not have heard of that have gathered numerous views on YouTube. loaded has compiled a list of these weird and wacky offerings for your viewing pleasure.



This track saw great success in 2002 partly due to the fact that it was released during the World Cup held in Seoul that year. The music video is rather odd and starts with a terrifying crude animation of the singer, see below.



A little love song for a rainy day, not much is known about this track. It was released in 2002, and the video is creepy yet sweet, showing Psy morphing into a Boston Terrier for some reason?



This track was banned for the under-19 sect upon its release in 2010 for the lyric, “Life is like toxic alcohol.” The most memorable part of the music video has to be the foam six pack he sports at one point.



With almost 300 million views on YouTube, this track from 2014 with Snoop Dogg is worth a mention. Especially the video, where we witness Psy is swimming in a fountain naked.



This song came out in 2016 and is probably the strangest video we’ve ever seen, full of face swapping CGI and facial prosthetics. It’s insane. 



Released in 2017, this song is about loving lots of random things, in the typical Psy style. The video is also varied, and without a plot – full of manic dance moves that we can’t look away from.



This song got him in BIG trouble with the United States back in 2012. He claimed it was a reaction to the war in Iraq and the death of two Korean school girls at the hands of an American tank. Though we’re pretty sure the lyrics “kill those f–ing Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives and those who ordered them to torture,” were super uncalled for. His controversial performance which  sparked the outrage is below. 



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