7 Times Cindy Crawford Was So Bad She Was Kind Of Good In Fair Game

The Supermodel’s one and only starring role is well worth revisiting.

Cindy Crawford and William Baldwin in Fair Game
Cindy Crawford and William Baldwin In Fair Game Image Getty

Cindy Crawford’s acting career may have only amounted to one starring role in the Joel Silver-produced Fair Game, but it’s a film that’s garnered a cult following since – because it really is so bad that it’s actually kind of good.

Crawford plays Kate McQuean, a civil law attorney on the run from KGB assassins, alongside her cop protector Max Kirkpatrick (William Baldwin.)

It’s a film that’s every bit as ridiculous as it sounds, though it’s Crawford’s hilarious performance that really brings the whole thing together – here are just seven of things she brought to the role.


She never phoned it in…even when the script called for her to do exactly that



No one was better at being sassy either. Well no one on set that day. Maybe.



At least the chemistry between herself and Billy Baldwin was…oh wait



But at least she did her own stunts…we…er…think?



That’s definitely her running though. Yeah, we know.



Still, she knows how to seduce nerds…



And when all is said and done, she does knows her way around a naff 90s sex scene


So while Cindy may not have enjoyed a film career to rival even Cara Delevingne, she’ll always be above the likes of Elle MacPherson in the world of models turned actresses and there is no shame in that.

Unless you are Elle MacPherson of course.

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