7 Things We Learned From The New Alien: Covenant Trailer

To be fair, it already looks 10 times better than Prometheus...

Alien: Covenant
Alien: Covenant Say hello to the new Xenomorph Image 20th Century Fox

Just days after a new teaser image had the internet totally freaking out, the second official Alien: Covenant trailer has been released, and the good news is it looks incredible.

The new clip has already racked up over three million views after going up this morning, and it’s got us really excited for the movie’s UK release on May 12. Watch it below:

There’s a LOT to take in, so loaded thought’ we’d break it down for you and present the seven things we learned from the new clip below.


Danny McBride isn’t just there for comic relief

We thought Eastbound & Down star Danny McBride would be there to provide the comic relief in the relief in the new movie, but it looks like the actor has a pretty serious and significant role in Alien: Covenant. He can be seen hunting down aliens, donning a ridiculous cowboy hat and attempting to escape the clutches of a terrifying xenomorph in the clip, and it could prove to be his most significant movie role to date.


The xenomorphs are shit scary

Ok, so we knew that already, but the xenomorphs in the new trailer look more terrifying than ever before. It looks like the Queen of the xenomorphs makes her way onboard the covenant at one point, and the crew are seen frantically trying to shut the air locks and keep it contained. There’s also an early glimpse of the newest form of alien from the series to – the brand new “neomorph” is about to burst of someone’s spine in the clip, and it looks scary as hell. We can’t wait to see them in action.


We’re 99.9% sure Billy Crudup is getting a face full of alien

Sorry Billy, but we really can’t see you surviving this one. The actor gets a little too close to an egg in the trailer, and we all know that can only end badly. It looks for all the world like he’s about to get a face full of alien, just like John Hurt in the original, and we certainly don’t envy him.


In fact, all kinds of bad stuff is about to happen to him

He also steps on a pod in the clip, releasing sinister-looking spores into the atmosphere. As we know from the first trailer, something ends up entering his ear too as a result, and all kinds of nasty stuff could be about to gown. Suffice to say, we can’t see things ending well for him.


We’re also pretty sure this is where Naoomi Repace ended up after Prometheus

The crew find a Weyland-Yutani dog tag in a very familiar-looking ship, which pretty much confirms this is where Noomi Rapace’s Elizabeth Shaw ended up after the events of Prometheus, right? Now, whether that means they’re on the same planet that the 2012 movie was set in or a totally new one remains to be seen. They’re pretty damn unlucky either way.


Who’s that mysterious hooded figure? We have a theory…

A mysterious hooded figure appears in the trailer at the 1.55 mark. He – or she – is pictured holding a blaster in a triumphant upwards position, which suggests they’ve just done something pretty baddass. It’s not clear who it is, but because he’s yet to appear in the trailer, and the fact that James Franco appears to be wearing a similar cloak in the recent teaser picture released, we wouldn’t be surprised if that’s Franco hidden under the hood.


Who planted the wheat? Could it be the Engineers?

“What are the odds of finding human vegetation this far from Earth?” the crew ask after discovering wheat on the surface of the planet in the clip. “Who planted it?” is a good question. We can’t be sure of course, but could the race of “Engineers” we saw in Prometheus have been responsible? Or perhaps Noomi Repace planted the crops to survive after landing there after the events of the last movie? Either way, we know that someone other than the aliens has been there before. We guess we’ll have to wait until the movie is released on May 12 to find out.

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