7 Things We Learned From Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur Trailer

Lots of swords.

Guy Ritchie is giving us a rock star Arthur Image Warner Bros

Guy Ritchie is back, and the new trailer he brings with him has been worth the wait.

It’s been two years since Ritchie’s last film, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., but now he is back with King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, and the trailer is sending all the right vibes for the director’s fans.

Take a look below:

Starring Charlie Hunnam as King Arthur, and with a cast that includes Jude Law (who played Watson in Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes films), Djimon Hounsou, Game of Thrones’ Aidan Gillen and Eric Bana, this new take on the Arthurian legend promises to be awesome.

We know the trailer is only a glimpse at the movie, but there are still some details that tell us this film is going to be a hit.


It’s the Game of Thrones movie you were waiting for

Picture this as King's Landing Image YouTube/Warner Bros

The atmosphere, the costumes, the mysteries and the war… it even has Littlefinger in it! Ritchie must have been binge-watching Game of Thrones lately, because it surely feels like there is a connection between the two.


Gritty sells

Please, more mud Image YouTube/Warner Bros

It feels as if old tales need to be turned into gritty tales to be successful, and the thing is, it’s a great idea. Otto Bathurst is giving us a similar version of Robin Hood next year, and this King Arthur is certainly much darker than we expected. More of a battle-hardened warrior than we are used to.


Jude Law is going to go full hammy as Vortigern

He's loving it Image YouTube/Warner Bros

Sure, he is play a tyrant and this is Jude Law and he can do what he wants, but if the trailer is any indication, Law had the time of his life with his role and decided to stop giving a shit a some point after the first week of filming.


There might be some supernatural element

Yup, that's a tree lady Image YouTube/Warner Bros

If this actually happens, then the film might lose its credibility. But this is Guy Ritchie, so perhaps he can pull it off.


The soundtrack will blow our minds

Arthur and his sword Image YouTube/Warner Bros

This is based on the trailer itself and on Guy Ritchie’s great choice of songs in previous films, so he better live up to it. Otherwise, he’ll be in great trouble.



These people never see the sun

Where is the sun? Image YouTube/Warner Bros

Going back the gritty theme, we know that the Middle Ages weren’t exactly about going to the beach and eating ice-cream, but don’t these people enjoy the sun every now and then? If you decide to watch this film on 3D, prepare to be completely blind with some scenes.



Eric Bana is doing only a cameo

Eric Bana needs to make more films Image YouTube/Warner Bros

Why isn’t Eric Bana in more stuff? He’s a great actor and knows his way around action movies. But if we trust the trailer, it looks as if his Uther Pendragon is following Russell Crowe’s Man of Steel steps. Perhaps this means we’ll get a sudden scene in the middle of the movie? Let’s hope we will.

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