7 Things Warner Bros. Must Do For The Matrix Reboot To Work

Plans are afoot for a remake starring Michael B. Jordan - but should we be worried?

The original cast of the Matrix.Image Warner Bros.

The Matrix could be making a surprise comeback with plans afoot for a reboot of the Keanu Reeves sci-fi franchise, but before anyone gets too excited it’s probably worth issuing a few bits of advice to parent studio Warner Bros.

After all, while there can be little dispute that the original Matrix movie was arguably one of the best things to come out of the 90s, the two subsequent sequels that followed were possibly among the worst things to come out of the 00s.

Fear not though, because loaded has a full-proof seven step plan to ensure the reboot, reportedly being written by Zak Penn with Michael B. Jordan attached to star, is at the very least a Star Wars: Force Awakens level of satisfactory.

Because no one wants another Phantom Menace.


No Wachowskis

Let’s rip the band aid off and start with arguably the most contentious step Warner Bros. need to take. Since making the first Matrix movie, the Wachowskis have been on a losing streak ever since.

Speed Racer, Cloud Atlas and Jupiter Ascending were all duds, while The Matrix sequels became bogged down in the sort of cod-philosophy found in the Star Wars prequels.

So why not take the same step Disney took with Star Wars and cut out the creators altogether. It will hurt at first but you’ll thank us for it later.


Guns. Lots Of Guns.

Carrie Anne Moss in The Matrix
Guns What are they good for? Image Warner Bros.

If there’s one thing the recent success of the John Wick movies showed us, it’s that audiences still lust after a good old shoot out.

The first Matrix movie delivered this by the bucket load but things got a little lost in the Zion-heavy follow ups.

Any reboot needs to return to what made the Matrix awesome in the first place – namely, something akin to that tower block assault at the movie’s climax.


Fishburne Only

Another contentious point perhaps but, unlike the new Star Wars films, any Matrix reboot needs to do away with the original cast. Well, almost.

Neo and Trinity’s story arc is pretty much complete following the events of The Matrix Revolutions but one guy who we’d definitely love to see more from is Laurence Fishburne’s Morpheus.

Fisburne has made a habit of popping up with memorable cameos in big films over the years and, given the way in which he introduced Reeves’ Neo to the entire concept of The Matrix, he seems like the perfect person to usher in any reboot.


Keep It Practical

Keanu Reeves The Matrix
Keanu Reeves As Neo Image Picture Warner Bros

Not to keep harking back to the Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions, but one area in which both of those films really failed to hit the mark was in the stunts department.

CGI was the main culprit, with many of the main action scenes in both movies looking decidedly dodgy, even back then. An Matrix reboot needs to follow the lead of Mad Max: Fury Road by returning to practical special effects, where possible.

Yes, it might be time consuming but the end result will be a movie that stands the test of time.


Update The Agents 

The Agents were another reason why the Matrix rocked. They were the perfect disposable villains but they need an update for the proposed reboot which may mean doing away with Mr Smith himself, Hugo Weaving.

A new breed of blank-faced cyber soldiers needs to be recruited, with bigger, better and way scarier interrogation and attack techniques programmed into them.


Find The Next Bullet Time

Keanu Reeves in The Matrix
Neo The Matrix Image Picture Warner Bros

Back in the late 90s, the bullet time special effects technology that featured in the first film was truly breathtaking.

But things have moved on a lot since then and any Matrix reboot will need to adopt an altogether different, fresher approach to action set pieces. Whoever takes the reins essentially needs to find something equally awe-inspiring but somewhat fresher.

No pressure then.


Avoid The Architect

Neo’s one and only meeting with the Architect is rightly regarded as the moment The Matrix franchise well and truly jumped the shark and made the movies something of a laughing stock.

For any reboot to work, all traces of the Architect need to be erased from the Matrix universe. We never want to see that Colonel Sanders-looking motherfucker again.

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