7 Things Tom Hardy Would Bring To Star Wars Episode 8

The accents, the muscles, the dogs... what's not to love?

Tom HardyImage Getty Images

Tom Hardy could be about to join one of the biggest movie franchises of all time, after it was reported that he’s going to be starring in Star Wars: Episode VII.

It’s a really cool bit of casting news, and looks like he’s going to be following in the footsteps of Daniel Craig, who made a cameo as a Stormtrooper in The Force Awakens.

There are millions of people around the world who’d love to see Tom appear in The Last Jedi, but it got us thinking – what could he actually bring to The Last Jedi?

Discover 7 ways would make Star Wars infinitely better below:


His awesome Bane voice

Even if it was hard to understand at times, Tom Hardy pulled off Bane’s voice pretty well for The Dark Knight Rises. The problem is though, he’s being doing the same voice in movies ever since. The thing is, legendary Darth Vade voice actor James Earl Jones is the grand age of 86 now – maybe it’s time for Hardy to take over?


His world-class grunting

Sure, Star Wars is great, but you know what it’s missing?  Grunting. Lots and lots of grunting. Check out some incredible Hardy grunting action in the video above.


His huge hat collection

Tom Hardy loves his sodding hats more than life itself. Anyone who’s seen Taboo will know he spends the whole time strutting around 19th century London with a bloody great top hat on. Whether he’s playing a Stormtrooper, a Sith or a Jedi, you can guarantee he’ll be wearing some sort of headwear.


His muscles

He’s massive. He’s hench. He’s huge. We’re not sure there’s a Stormtroopers uniform big enough to fit him, but maybe they could get one specially made? Like Gwendoline Christie’s Chrometrooper? That would be awesome.


His accents

If he’s not doing that Bane voice, there’s a plethora of accents Tom could choose to use in the movie. How about the southern drawl he used in Lawless? Or that ridiculous Welsh accent from Locke?


His dogs

Tom’s one of the biggest dog lovers in the country. He never stops bloody talking about them in fact, and we’re sure he’d find a way of sneaking one of his mutts into the movie. After all, they sent a dog into space before they sent a human in the 60s – isn’t it about time they went back?


He’s sexy, goddam

Who the flip are we kidding, Tom’s a dreamboat. Just look at his little face – who wouldn’t want to see that in a galaxy far, far away? Tom has the chance to make Stormtroopers sexy, and we’d love to see it happen. 

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