7 Things We Learned From The New Thor: Ragnarok Trailer

It looks like a roaring good time...

thor: ragnarok
This trailer is jam packed with revelations... Image Marvel Studios

An exciting, new trailer for the third installment of the Thor franchise is out, and it looks like the Norse God is back to work saving us all, but with a remarkable change. Short hair? We’re not sure how we feel about that…

The brand new clip for Thor: Ragnarok was released a few hours ago and has already garnered hundreds of thousands of views.

The film comes out in November, and we cannot wait to see what everyone in Asgard is up to.


There are a few key points to discuss from the trailer, so loaded thought we’d break it down into seven things derived from the clip.



Where is Thor?


In the opening scene, we see Thor tied up in chains falling into a fiery pit in a new world called Sakaar. The last time we saw the hero was in Avengers: Age of Ultron when he was returning to Asgard to learn about new forces causing havoc in the universe. Seems he got himself in serious trouble since then…




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