7 Of The Naughtiest Mugs Guaranteed To Ruin Tea Time

A little Tea & A

A cuppa of rude

Naughty mugs are an excellent way to make a statement while enjoying a cuppa. If you’re upset at someone over breakfast, sipping from a cup with a giant middle finger etched on it can speak volumes.

Sometimes they’re just good for a laugh or two. Mugs shaped like toilets, cups with a giant penis for the handle – they all make for great stag or hen gifts. Perhaps Theresa May could have livened up the mugs she gave her Cabinet for Christmas with some of these options. 

Boris Johnson deserves one at least. A tit mug for a tit, perhaps. 

loaded thinks naughty mugs are the unsung heroes of the kitchen cupboard and should be given their chance in the spotlight.

Here are seven of the rudest tea mugs money can buy. (Warning: Some of these are totally NSFW)



The classic loo cup, this ingenious crockery will make you stand out at any tea party.  




Who doesn’t?



Don’t hold back mug.




These cups are called ‘strip mugs’ and they feature some cutting edge heat technology. Usually the models are wearing underwear until you pour in warm liquid, then it gets hot in so many ways.





The classic tit mug, unfortunately you can’t drink from the teets you dirty buggars.  




Says so much with merely the curve of a handle. 





The inner dialogue of many a woman whilst scrolling through Tinder. 




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