The 7 Most Notorious Female Crime Bosses Of All Time

From 'The Manhattan Madam' to the 'Kim Kardashian of crime'.

Female crime bosses
Female crime bosses The most notorious criminals

From Charlize Theron’s Cipher in Fast 8, to Julianne Moore’s role as the villainous Poppy in Kingsman: The Golden Circle, we’re see a growing number of female crime bosses in the world of movies and TV.

However, far less is known about the real-life figures that inspired them.

Some of the most fearsome crime bosses of all time have been women, and their stories are well worth revisiting.

So, from ‘The Manhattan Madam’ to the ‘Kim Kardashian of crime’, loaded presents the seven most notorious female crime bosses below:


Jemeker Thompson

Jemeker Thompson
Jemeker Thompson The female crime boss

Jemeker was notorious for being one the biggest players in the crack cocaine trade of 1980’s Los Angeles. After becoming a major force on the market, her husband and business partner Anthony Mosley was shot and killed by a rival syndicate. However, she quickly met another partner called “Cheese”, and together they took the operation to a new level.

After they had built a formidable partnership and took in hundreds of thousands of dollars together, Cheese was arrested and snitched on his partner. Thompson was forced to go on the run for five years, before being apprehended during her son’s college graduation ceremony back in 1993. She received a 15-year prison sentence.  



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