Rude, hilarious and brilliantly juvenile.


The 7 Funniest Moments In Sky Sports Transfer Deadline Day History

By Jack Beresford

August 31, 2017

Transfer Deadline Day used to look very different back in the day on Sky Sports News.

Once upon a time, Sky Sports used to send its merry band of roving reporters out to football grounds up and down the country, where they would regularly provide updates on all those breaking, last-gasp, transfer deals.

That sort of thing is a whole lot less common now and we’ve got football fans to thank for that. Back then, it was not uncommon to see a merry band of supporters stood alongside Sky’s reporter, causing havoc and creating television gold.

Live television can often be a recipe for disaster and it proved no different in these instances, with fans guilty of all kinds of naughty nonsense which, while annoying to the broadcaster involved, made for hilarious viewing.

Here are seven classics of this forgotten era of football news broadcasting.


A word in the ear.


Could you stay composed during a live TV report while a man pretends to lick your ear? We couldn’t.


Lads being lads.


Lads being lads. Rolling around and stuff. Nothing homoerotic. Honest.


When reporters fight back.


Just don’t rise to it…oh too late.


This bloke is brilliant.


Some people just want to  watch the world burn.



Watch the guy in the shades.


`What’s he got up his sleeve then? Oh wow.


Childish but brilliant.


They didn’t just let down their club, they let Chris Sutton down too. Thanks for that.


That dildo.