7 American Ice Cream Brands We Need Across The Pond

Bring these All-American favourites here NOW

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Oreo peanut butter ice cream sandwiches are now available in the UK everyone.

This made us think, what other ice cream flavours should they conjure up? As summer is fast approaching so are thoughts of cold and refreshing treats, so we decided to look across the pond to America where let’s face it, they have the ice cream thing down to a T. 

There are vast differences in US and UK groceries, the variety isn’t as plentiful here as it is there. So we’ve found a range of ice creams and flavours from American outlets that NEED to start being sold on the high street immediately. 


What are Tres Leches you ask? It’s originally a Mexican desert that involves a sponge cake soaked in evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, and heavy cream. This is the ice cream version. 

haagen daaz



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