6 great zombie films you’ve never seen

Movies with bite.

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Zombies! They’re everywhere!

Whether it’s through TV’s The Walking Dead, your well-worn DVDs of George A Romero classics or just shuffling through shopping centres on a Saturday morning, it’s impossible to avoid the undead.

After a while in the cinematic doldrums, they’ve emerged reinvigorated and refreshed thanks to to success of 28 Days Later, which director Danny Boyle insists isn’t a zombie film but who’s he trying to kid?

Zombies return this week in new Brit flick The Girl with All the Gifts, about a dystopian future in which Gemma Arterton’s teacher attempts to protect blood-thirsty child Melanie.

But what of the zombie movies that’ve slipped through the cracks of cinema? loaded brings you six great zombie films you’ve (probably) never seen, but really should…


White Zombie (1932)

Famous as the first ever undead flick, White Zombie is brimming with atmosphere and stars horror icon Bela Lugosi. It centres on a young couple who marry on a Haitian plantation, only to run into trouble when Lugosi’s Legendre unleashes a zombie potion.


The Walking Dead (1936)

Forget Rick Grimes and Co, this is the original Walking Dead. Boris Karloff plays an ex-con who’s framed for murder and executed. A mad scientific experiment brings him back from the dead to exact revenge on those responsible for his death. A gangster/horror hybrid, it’s basically The Crow but made decades before Brandon Lee came along.


Pontypool (2008)

A low budget Canadian horror starring Stephen McHattie, Pontypool centred on a shock DJ in Ontario who faces a killer viral infection from the confines of his radio studio. Psychologically tense, this was loosely inspired by Orson Welles’s scaremongering broadcasts of The War of the Worlds.


Colin (2008)

There are low budget zombie films, then there’s Colin. Produced at a cost of just £45, Marc Price’s film centred on a titular hero, bitten then brought back from the dead, as he shambles through the apocalypse. Shot on a Panasonic mini-dv camera and edited on off-the-shelf Adobe Premiere, it’s a true one off.


The Horde (2009)

French zombies! Directors Yannick Dahan and Benjamin Rocher brought some gallic flair to this little seen flick, which saw the undead, the police and gangsters tangle in one huge, bloody mess.


Cockneys vs Zombies (2012)

Does exactly what it says on the tin. A group of cockney OAPs fight off hordes of zombies. It’s worth watching just for the sight of Richard Briers shuffling away from the undead on a zimmer frame. Weirdly, the film doesn’t feature Danny Dyer or Tamer Hassan.

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