Is Adolf Hitler Alive? The 6 Most Compelling Conspiracy Theories

Rumours persist that the Nazi leader fled to South America after World War Two.

Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.
Adolf Hitler Did the Nazi leader escape Berlin? Image Getty

Reports of Adolf Hitler’s demise, in that Berlin bunker back in 1945, may have been greatly exaggerated according to some conspiracy theorists out there.

There’s an entire movement of folk that believe the Nazi leader faked his own death and fled to South America to live out his days in relative peace.

In fact, the notion has been taken so seriously by some, an actual TV show, entitled Hunting Hitler, has been made by the History Channel, with ex-CIA man Bob Baer examining all the evidence supporting this out-there concept.

So what evidence is there to support this outlandish claims? Quite a bit actually. Provided you ignore the account offered up by Hitler’s former bodyguard


The Fuherbunker Was Connected To A Network Of Secret Tunnels.

The notion that Hitler died in that Berlin bunker is undermined somewhat by the presence of some 93 miles of interconnected tunnels and bunkers which ran throughout the German capital. Some believe this gave Hitler the perfect way to make his initial escape.

Nazi architect Albert Speer says Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun didn’t have a sexually normal relationship – Loaded


FBI Files Suggest Adolf Hitler Escaped to Argentina

An FBI report from September 21, 1945 offered up the stunning claim that several Nazi officials actually helped Hitler make his escape to Argentina, via submarine. In this version of events, Hitler apparently hid within the foothills of the Andes mountains.


A Special, Top Secret U-Boat Took Hitler To South America

The story goes that Hitler took advantage of a “ghost convoy” to make his escape out of Berlin and Europe. There is plenty to back up this theory, not least the fact that fellow officers like Aold Eichmann and Dr Josef Mengele managed to escape to Argentina.


A CIA Informant Claims To Have Seen Hitler In Colombia

The recently declassified CIA documents related to the assassination of John F. Kennedy included a startling report suggesting Hitler escaped to Columbia and had been seen by an informant. Apparently his presence there was widely known among the German community.

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There Was Apparent An Island Full Of Nazis Near Chile

The fact that countless Nazis fled to South America is no secret, but some would take things one step further, claiming that the Third Reich attempted to take over an island off the coast of Chile, where Hitler would have, naturally, been a welcome presence.


It Took A German Court 11 Years To Declare Hitler Was Dead

Despite every indication that Hitler took a cyanide pill and shot himself dead and that the Nazi leader had been suffering from ill health, it took more than a decade before his death was officially recognised by German courts.

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