5 Times Wild Animals Took Sweet Revenge On Big Game Hunters

Cecil The Lion’s dentist killer had better watch his back.

A selection of hunters
Hunters Men who died because they love killing animals.

The killing of Cecil the lion in the summer of 2015 at the hands of recreational big-game hunter Walter Palmer was an incident that caused outrage across the world.

How could a civilised man – a dentist, no less – take such pride and pleasure in hunting and killing a defenceless animal for the simple thrill of the chase?

But while Palmer may have lived to fight another day, there have been plenty of big game hunters and poachers who have found the tables turned – with fatal results.

Here are five times wild animals too sweet revenge on their hunters.


Crushed by the elephant his group shot

Theunis Botha the hunter.
Posing next to his latest score. Tosser.

Professional big-game hunter Theunis Botha was crushed to death by an elephant in Zimbabwe back in May 2017. The elephant, who had charged at Botha’s hunting party, was shot dead as she picked Botha up in her trunk. He was crushed to death as the elephant fell to the ground.


Fell Off A Cliff Hunting Birds

Hunter Luciano Ponzetto.
Can you believe this guy is a vet? Sick

Italian veterinarian Luciano Ponzetto sparked controversy a few years back after posting  pictures of himself alongside a lion he had killed. The 55-year-old died during a hunting trip in Italy. Ponzetto, who was hunting wild birds at the time, slipped on ice and fell down a ravine to his death near Turin.


Eaten By Crocodiles

Hunter Scott Van Zyl.
What a guy Seemed such a lovely fella

Scott van Zyl made a name for himself as a prolific hunter, often posing for pictures alongside dead lions, elephants and other big cats. He went missing during a hunt in Zimbabwe and it was only when tests were completed on two crocodiles that the truth became apparent.


Chased by Hippos, Eaten by Lions

Hippos Among the world's deadliest Image Getty

A poacher in South Africa, who entered the Kruger National Park illegally as part of a group intent on hunting and killing animals was ambushed by some very angry hippos, who charged and injured him before he either stumbled upon or was found by some hungry lions.



Crushed by elephant he was trying to shoot

An elephant in India
An elephant Don't fuck with these guys. Image Getty

Jose Monzalvez was crushed by the very elephant he was trying to shoot and kill during a hunting trip in Namibia. The Argentine oil company employee was tracking the elephant at the time but failed to get his shot off before his prey trampled him and several other members of his hunting group to death.

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