Five Times Dave Grohl Showed He’s The Funniest Guy In Rock

Relive the Foo Fighter's most hilarious moments.

Dave Grohl
Dave Grohl The funniest man in rock Image Getty Images

Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Queens Of The Stone Age… Dave Grohl has been involved in some the greatest bands of the last 25 years, and he’s rocking harder than ever at the age of 48.

As well as experiencing huge success, he’s gained a reputation for being the nicest guy in rock over the course of his career. What some people don’t realise though, is that he’s also one of the most hilarious blokes you’ll find in the entire industry.

Whether it’s through his inspired videos, or his collaborations with Tenacious D, Grohl has been making us laugh for years.

In celebration of the great man’s birthday, loaded rounds up his funniest moments below:


The time he ‘did an Eddie Murphy’ for a Foo Fighters video

Eddie Murphy went through a stage where he played every character in his movies (think The Nutty Proffessor and Norbit), and Grohl did the same thing for Foo Fighters’ Learn To Fly video, only ten times funnier. Teaming up with his pals from Tenacious D, Grohl plays multiple characters in the inspired video, including a flight attendant, a nervous fan, a larger woman and the funniest of all – himself.


 The time he was dangerously addicted to coffee

Grohl is known for being one of the most electric performers out there, and it must impossible to be that energetic without some kind of stimulus, right? While some musicians get their kicks from sex, drugs and rock and roll, Grohl gets a real buzz from coffee, as this hilarious clip shows.


The time he ‘sued’ the Scissor Sisters

Never one to take himself too seriously, Dave took part in a hilarious viral spoof after the Scissor Sisters suffered an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction during a show back in 2010. Talking during a ‘news report’ Dave breaks down, and claims he’s suing the group because he was suffering from “emotional distress after singer Jake Shears exposed one of his testicles at a recent gig.”


The time he duetted with Will Ferrell

One of the biggest names in rock teamed up with one of the biggest names in comedy, when Grohl duetted with Will Ferrell for a special performance back in 2008. The pair performed a hilarious version of ‘Leather and Lace” by Stevie Nicks and Don Henley, and the sexual tension between them both was almost unbearable.


The time he played the Devil

You might think he’d be too nice to play the devil, but Grohl made a great job of portraying Beelzebub (or Beelzeboss as he’s called in the film) in Tenacious D’s 2006 comedy The Pick Of Destiny. Totally unrecognisable in a huge red body suit, Grohl rocked the s*** out of his cameo in the movie, and reminded us all, once again, why he’s the funniest man in rock.

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