5 stupid things Boris Johnson has done

This could be our next Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson on a zip wire
Next PM? Boris Johnson on a zip wire.

David Cameron has resigned as Prime Minister after the UK’s shock vote to exit the European Union.

Cameron, whose gamble to call the referendum backfired spectacularly, will be out of 10 Downing Street by October.

Now it feels like Boris Johnson’s moment. According to bookmakers Paddy Power, the former Mayor of London is 11/8 favourite to become the next Prime Minister ahead of Theresa May (2/1), Michael Gove (6/1) and George Osborne (12/1).

Don’t worry, though. We’re all in good hands with the man nicknamed “Boris the Buffoon”. Donald Trump? He’s got nothing on BoJo, as these five gaffes underline…


Getting stuck on a zip wire

Armed with two Union Jack flags and a determination to impress, Johnson zip-lined across Victoria Park during the London 2012 Olympics, only to see it go disastrously wrong half-way through. He ended up suspended there for 5 minutes, yelling at bystanders to get him a ladder.


Wiping out a 10-year-old playing rugby

Johnson got a little over-enthusiastic on a trip to Japan when he took part in a game of touch rugby and cleaned out a 10-year-old opponent. The moment probably set back Japanese-British diplomatic relations by decades. Probably. “This man can’t be prime minister,” wrote one YouTuber in despair.


This football tackle

Continuing with the sporting mishap theme, Johnson unleashed a crunching reducer on Maurizio Gaudino in a charity football match between England and Germany. Charity, Boris! Even Roy Keane would’ve taken his foot off the gas.


The time he fell into a river

In a bid to clean up Lewisham’s River Pool of litter, Johnson tumbled into the water and ended up looking like a prize plonker. His drenching was apparently the “ultimate sacrifice” in the name of his campaign to get Londoners to volunteer.


His Hillsborough quote

No amount of apologising from Johnson can erase his 2004 comments about the Hillsborough disaster. “Drunken” and “mindless” Liverpool fans were, according to Boris, were partly to blame for the deaths of 96 reds fans in 1989.

Of all his gaffes and blunders, these quotes come back to haunt him time and time again. Buffoonery is one thing – comments like this are why Johnson as PM is really worrying.

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