5 Signs Your Phone Has A Virus

No, don't click on that pop-up ad!

This phone is on fire. Image ED JONES/AFP/Getty Images

We have all been hacked in one way or another at some point in our lives. Remember that time you suddenly started getting loads of spam in your inbox? Or when your laptop would switch off for no reason at all? Exactly.

But if you thought your phone would be safe from these stupid viruses, you were wrong. If you are not careful, the one you love the most (because we know that’s your phone) will be stone-cold dead before you can say “Steve Jobs.” So here at loaded we want to help you identify the clues that might tell you your phone is starting to catch a cold.




Yes, viruses are like the poo emoji Image Giphy

If you are trying to access a website and it keeps sending you somewhere else, it can mean two things: either the page you are trying to visit is infected, or that very same page has dropped a nice virus on your phone that is now sending you wherever the hell it wants. Nice.




Yes, we all hate these Image S. Maurice Graham / Giphy

Sure, ads are everywhere online, and they are not necessarily malign, but malware usually inhabits most of these ads – and they don’t always look dodgy. Besides, a lot of people click on them accidentally because they are all over the page, so even when you try to close those windows, you end up opening new ones, and then you get a new one… and somewhere in the loop, boom! Virus.




Mulder knows what we're talking about Image FOX

We know you are always struggling with data the last couple of days of your phone bill, but what happens when suddenly you are informed that you somehow used up 5GB within the first week? Yes, my friend, that was the virus doing God know what while you were sleeping. Oops!




Your phone suffers with you Image popkey.co

Another bitch when it comes to phones: the stupid battery. We never have enough when we need it, right? But if your lovely new friend, the virus, has decided that it wants to download whatever it wants (and using all your data in the process), then don’t be shocked if all that overnight work has consumed the battery you were going to spend playing Angry Birds on your morning commute. Try reading a book, their batteries are made of paper, so you don’t have to recharge them!



Weird switch-off

Of course, if there's a dolphin in your iPhone, that's a whole different matter Image Nate Makuch

Mostly an iPhone thing (Android users, you can skip this one), but if you switch off your phone because, let’s say, you want to save up that battery for later, and instead of going straight to black it suddenly flashes blue… well, let’s just say that is not the healthiest phone in the world.

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