The new £5 notes are being sold for up to £800 online

Your new plastic fiver could be worth a fortune.

The new £5 notes feature Winston Churchill
The new £5 note The note is injuring cocaine users everywhere Image eBay

You might want to think twice about spending your next fiver, after the new £5 banknotes have started selling for up to £800 online.

Collectors are getting pretty excited about the new plastic notes, and they’re buying them for anything up to 160 times their face value on eBay.

The new polymer fivers feature the face of Sir Winston Churchill, and also a transparent window, which makes them harder to counterfeit.

The first ever note, marked with the number AA01 000001 was presented to the Queen, and notes featuring the AA01 mark are fetching big sums online.

440 million notes have been printed, but less than a million feature the AA01 number.

The new £5 noteLucky collector Alan Scrase found three fivers with consecutive AA01 serial numbers and sold the set on eBay for £456.

“I did not get them on September 13 – the first day – but it was just by sheer chance that I went to the bank the next day and they had just got them in. You just go in your bank and ask for them. I got a few,” he told the BBC.

While you might not want to spend the new fivers, you might want to start spending your old fivers as soon as possible.

The old notes featuring prison reformer Elizabeth Fry are only valid until May 5, 2017.

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