5 Places In London That Are Apparent UFO Sighting Hotspots

Just what London needs, more traffic.

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We’ve written about UFO Stalker before, the website dedicated to tracking aliens all over the world using cutting edge map technology – which entails pinning teeny UFOs to locations where there have been reports of alien sightings.

It turns out, London is apparently infested with extraterrestrials and not the kind that piss Farage off, the green kind that wants to poke you with probes.

We’ve found five you should be concerned about. Be wary of the next Uber you get into; you never know where they beamed in from.

Photo: UFO Stalker






It’s been called “the king of UFO sightings in the East,” usually strange lights are often seen, but in 2003 it got out of control. A family noticed 20 – 30 red and lights flashing across the sky accompanied by a disturbing ‘whirring’ sound. The police got involved and witnessed this event for themselves. One police officer commented, “the lights were zigzagging/ turning across the sky at speed faster than any man-made aircraft.”
They got the Ministry of Defense involved and asked whether they noticed anything, its response, “there was no aircraft in the air at the time”. No HUMAN aircraft that is.




The Sun reported on a sighting over the home of Terence MacDonell and his girlfriend last year. He claimed to have seen the UFO a number of times. It appears as a bright light over his house, Terence is sure of its legitimacy stating to the publication: ‘It’s
definitely an alien, because you can see a figure in the craft.’



This is a very recent sighting, occurring on January 7th. The witness account on UFO Stalker states, ‘I was standing on the pavement outside my house looking in a north-westerly direction. I spotted an orange orb-like object moving in a gliding motion but faster. It had a slight fire to its tail. It was bright orange colour, and it was pulsating as it moved.’


Charing Cross, London


In 2012 another witness detailed their experience on UFO Stalker.
“I heard a loud noise sounded like an airplane was about to crash into my house that’s how loud it was. I looked out my window to see what it was. I saw an unknown object, something I have never seen in my life – it was a rocket shaped aircraft with a white, mirrored exterior and had no windows or wings. It had a blue/green flame like the back of a jet plane. It zipped past my house at a remarkable speed in a straight direction.”



In 2014 a father and son reported seeing a UFO over their home. They stated to the website ‘Open Minds,’ that they saw two bright lights moving a very strange way in the sky. “What struck me most about the object was the fact it was completely silent, and there were no flashing lights on it,” said Andrew Burlington, one of the witnesses.

 *The pictures accompanying the list are not connected to the sighting written about. They are from sightings which happened elsewhere. 

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