These are the 5 secrets to a perfect sex life

Discover the keys to success in the bedroom.

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We all dream of a perfect sex life, but it’s not always possible – or is it?

A group of sex therapists have offered their very best advice to Redbook magazine, and it might just hold the secret to success in the bedroom.

Read their top five sex tips for you and your partner below:


Engage in foreplay throughout the day

As sex therapist Vanessa Marin says: “Have foreplay throughout the day! Foreplay shouldn’t be limited to three minutes before you start having intercourse.

“Keep the fires burning and the anticipating levels high by seducing each other all day long.”

So, whether it be flirty text messages, or showering together, we all need to up our foreplay game.


Keep the “Sexual Pilot Light” on

Don’t let tiredness hold you back. According to sex therapist Megan Fleming Ph.D, couples need to stay as sexually active during the week.

“My expression is you gotta keep your inner sexual pilot light on,” she says.


Figure out what you both want

The guide to a perfect sex life
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Fleming also suggests that couples need to understand what kind of sex life they both want, and that can only be achieved through communication.

“Start with painting the scene, (saying), ‘this is the sex life I want with you.'” Figure out what you both want and sex will instantly be better,” she says.


Plan It

It might not sound particularly sexy, but the experts recommend putting together a schedule and planning your sexual activity with your partner.

“For most couples—especially with kids—if you don’t plan it, it’s not gonna happen. You don’t enjoy it any less because you planned it,” Fleming says.


Don’t Take Your Partner’s Mood Personally

According to Jane Greer Ph.D, you shouldn’t take your partner’s mood as an indictment against you when it comes to sex.

“Stay in touch with your own desire and continue to put it out there. Leave them the space to have separate moods and energy,” she says.

If you stick to these tips, and avoid the one thing all men do wrong in the bedroom, you’ll be well on your way to a better sex life.

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