5 Fan Theories About Tom Hardy’s Taboo

We'll believe anything at this point.

Tom Hardy looking mad as hell in Taboo Image BBC

No matter how bad things may get, we can all agree there is one constant in our lives: Tom Hardy. I mean, who doesn’t love that man?

For the past few weeks, Hardy has been visiting our TV screens in Taboo, the BBC miniseries he created and developed with his own father and Steven Knight, the Peaky Blinders creator. And we can all agree that the show has lived up to expectations.

Taboo is grim, violent, dark and weird, and it has given us what is probably Hardy’s rawest performance to date. But the show is so intense that it was only a matter of time before the creepy fan theories began to appear, right? We have selected some of the best (and craziest), and while we don’t want to give away too many spoilers, perhaps it’s best if you catch up with the show before you keep reading…



James Delaney is Doctor Who


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Or at least, a very non-PG version of him. Let’s just go back to that creepy and weird beyond measure sex scene where James sort of controls Zilpha remotely. Can he be here and there at the same time? Can he travel through space and time, in an astral manner of speaking? Is he able to separate his mind from his body? Because he also seems to be in a meditation state most of the time. Damn it, so many questions.



James Delaney is a werewolf

Hardy with his fangs Image Sonofhorace1814 Instagram

At this point, there is nothing we wouldn’t believe, so we might as well entertain this one. An obscure Instagram account called sonofhorace1804 – a surefire reference to Delaney – posted a photo of Tom Hardy with fangs, before quickly deleting it. The account seems to be a not-so-secret-anymore companion to the show, so anything is possible.



James is dead

Son Of Horace 1814

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You can either say he is a ghost or a zombie. And actually, zombie would make more sense, because James has displayed some cannibalistic traits throughout the show’s run – all of them equally disgusting and straight-out awesome.

But anyway, James being dead would explain a few things. He was gone for more than a decade, during which he claims he could “talk” to his father, and everyone assumed he was dead before he came back. If Hardy’s character turns out to have been a ghost the whole time, Taboo has just become the best show ever.



The Ghost Whisperer


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If James is not dead, what about him being a 19th century Jennifer Love Hewitt? You know all those visions he has of his (we guess) mother? There is a high chance Delaney is using his special powers to talk to the dead. And probably to make himself look and sound even grimmer.



21st Century James


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Okay, this one is just bonkers, but what if James is a Delaney from the future who has decided to go back to 1814 to mess things up for reasons unknown? This would explain why he seems to know what is going to happen most of the time, and also why everyone thinks he looks like 19th century Delaney but a bit changed.

Well, time travel does weird shit to your body, doesn’t it?


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