5 Times Daisy Lowe Absolutely Bossed It On Instagram

When Daisy sent social media into meltdown...

Daisy Lowe Naughty But Rice coconut and raspberry flavour Loaded
Lowe rider Daisy Lowe.

So it’s over. Daisy Lowe has left Strictly Come Dancing and will not perform at Blackpool.

Ultimately eliminated thanks to the throng of support for Twitter turnip turned professional prancer, Ed Balls, Lowe’s exit was a bitter pill to swallow with the model/actress seemingly doing everything in her power to stay in the process.

But it was not to be and now, with Lowe gone, the Strictly line-up is suddenly looking decidedly dull.

Lowe fans need not worry too much though with the model more than likely to be back among the headlines soon, thanks to a glut of endorsement deals and photoshoots.

In the meantime, Lowe’s regular contributions to Instagram should keep the wolf from the door and ensuring fans keep getting their regular Daisy fix.


The Kiss

Daisy has never shied away from a daring photoshoot or two. As the above image and the four that follow attests. 


A Triumph

And her range of Triumph undergarments are a…well, they’re very good.


Bath Time

Everybody loves bath time. Especially Daisy. And her fans. And pretty much everyone on Instagram.


Bikini Selfie

Last day in a bikini selfie ?❤️?

A photo posted by daisylowe (@daisylowe) on

Only Daisy Lowe could make these Bridget Jones-size leopard print pants work. But then this is Daisy Lowe we are talking about.


Rubber Ready

About last night… @sinkthepinkldn @crazydaisydooda @atsukokudolatex ❤️❤️❤️

A photo posted by daisylowe (@daisylowe) on

Like Batman but sexier and generally a lot less moody. Earns bonus points for recruiting her very own Robin to help fight crime.

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