5 Celebrities Set To Tear Things Up On Celebrity Big Brother

Featuring loaded legends, psychics and Barry from Eastenders

Celebrity Big Brother contestants.
Some familiar faces Not everyone in CBB is some random Ex On The Beach star Image Channel 5

Celebrity Big Brother is back with another house full of people that are (sort of) famous and this latest line-up is shaping up as one of the best yet.

There are YouTube stars, sitcom favourites and even the wife of a Mafia boss. It’s trashy, argument-filled television but, God damn it, here at loaded we just can’t take our eyes off it.

In fact, loaded has a pretty good idea of which contestants are going to seriously shake things up this year – here are five celebrities to look out for.


Derek Acorah

TV medium Derek Acorah
Ex-Liverpool starlet Derek Acorah Mary loves Dick! Image Channel 5

Who Are They? Acorah was the resident psychic on the hit paranormal series Most Haunted alongside Yvette Fielding, providing some of the show’s most memorable moments.

Why Are They Worth Watching? A colourful character who was briefly on the books as a player for Liverpool, Acorah’s spiritual medium credentials have long been questioned but could come to the fore in the house, with offers up the potential for hilarity aplenty. Who could forget his infamous “Mary loves Dick” moment on Most Haunted? Not us.


Sarah Harding

Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding.
Sarah Harding Of Girls Aloud and er, St Trinian's fame.

Who Are They? A member of the pop group Girls Aloud, alongside Cheryl Cole, Harding has also embarked on an acting career with credits including two St Trinian’s films and the Danny Dyer box office flop, Run For Your Wife.

Why Are They Worth Watching? A notorious party girl in her younger days, Harding is also alleged to have enjoyed a brief affair with Dyer, meaning some juicy gossip could come to the fore. She’s also liable to go in all guns blazing in any rows in the house.


Shaun Williamson

Eastenders' Shaun Williamson.
Shaun Williamson Barry from Eastenders. Image Channel 5.

Who Are They? Shaun played perennial Eastenders loser Barry Evans and was a fixture on the soap for a decade, before going on to send himself up on Extras as a virtually unemployable version of himself caught constantly wanking by others.

Why Are They Worth Watching? Because there’s a sneaking suspicion that the version of Barry…sorry, Shaun, presented in Extras isn’t all that far from the truth. He’s also been known to randomly belt out a song, once performing as a UK bowls tournament for reasons unknown.


Sandi Bogle

Sandi Bogle from Gogglebox.
Sandi The Queen of Gogglebox

Who Are They? One of the stars of the hit Channel 4 series Gogglebox, which involved watching other people watch television.

Why Are They Worth Watching? Sandi was one of the wittier contributors to the show and had, from time to time, be known to enjoy a Pot Noodle. She’s be fiery, that’s for sure.


Paul Danan

Paul Danan.
Dangerous Danan He put the "celebrity" in Celebrity Love Island Image Channel Five.

Who Are They? One known for his work on the teen soap Hollyoaks, Danan arguably shot to fame on the first series of Celebrity Love Island, where his wild outbursts provided countless moments of comedy gold.

Why Are They Worth Watching? His lively reputation means he’s likely to provide plenty of car crash moments, as his stint on Celebrity Love Island and the short lived, Calum, Fran and Dangerous Danan attest. He also happens to have been the recipient of a loaded Laftas Comedy Award for funniest reality TV personality, back in 2006.

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