Everyone Is Rocking A Rudolph Boob This Christmas

Naughty, just naughty

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There is a new hashtag making the rounds on Instagram this Christmas and it’s one for the books.

#rudolphboob is inspiring women to fashion reindeer faces on their boobs this season, thanks in part to a sweater design by Etsy store “YourSassyGrandma,” which features a sweater with one breast-sized hole cut out, allowing the wearer the freedom to decorate the exposed boob to their heart’s content. We’ve heard of body painting but this is a seasonally specific idea we at loaded can support.

Merely punch in #reindeerboob or #rudolphboob on instagram and up pops a barrage of pictures showing women (and men) rocking these glittery and fabulous craft creations.

Aesthetically Rudolph’s face is usually adorned with antlers and the usual shiny red nose, stuck nimbly onto the nipple, thrown in are some goggly eyes and maybe a bit of tinsel if you’re ambitious.

There seems to be two main ways to wear this trend, some are going cold shoulder a la Lil Kim at the VMAS circa 1999 when she wore a historic purple jumpsuit and pasty that shook up pop culture sufficiently.

With this Christmas outfit you will be jiggling all the way#fashionista #snow #christmas #reindeerboob#jiggles

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Others are favouring one boob and customizing a favourite christmas jumper to suit. Whatever floats your boat or sleigh. Its an opportunity to be flashy and stand out at the office christmas party, though we suggest asking permission beforehand.

Come see us!!! #bjscabanabar #uglysweater #snowmanboob #reindeerboob #naughtylist #bodypaint #hohoho #partytit

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We’ve even spotted a snowman boob, with a top hat balanced on the décolletage. Loaded is loving this mental trend. Jiggling all the way indeed. 

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