The 3D Printed Dicks And Vaginas Being Created For A Great Cause

There’s nothing juvenile about this particular story – it’s all about education.

A prototype 3D printer.
3D Printing. Welcome to the future. Image Getty

Technology is taking us in some pretty weird and wonderful directions these days and nowhere is this more evident than in the world of education.

Interactive whiteboards, PowerPoint presentations, computer-based quizzes – the potential for classroom resources is endless.

So when we got wind of a new project that will allow teachers to print off 3D models of actual penises and vaginas, it didn’t really bother anyone at loaded.

‘There must be some logical reason to use the latest ground-breaking bit of technology to create solid-form replicas of fannies and dicks’ we collectively thought to ourselves.

And, perhaps thankfully, it turns out we were 100 per cent right.

It’s all the work of Benetech, a nonprofit organization focusing on social impact technology.

Working closely with researchers from Northern Illinois University and San Francisco’s LightHouse for the Blind, they’ve started testing out a series of 3D-printed models of body parts.

It’s all part of a new initiative focused on offering improved sex education resources for blind students, who often struggle in the more traditional classroom setting.

“Many of the kids who are blind, because much of the information is presented in photographs or videotapes, they miss out on key information that their peers are able to see,” Lisa Wadors Verne, a Benetech program manager in education research and partnerships explained to Fast Company.

The models have already been tested (no laughing at the back) with visually-impaired kids now set to get their hands on the new aids for classroom trials.

It’s all for a good cause though, with the resources set to be available on an open-source basis, meaning educators will only be required to pay for the printing costs.

Given that most commercial models retail at around $450 each, that’s pretty good going.

It also means no one will have to resort to buying a discount dildo instead.

Because no real penis vibrates. Or at least shouldn’t.

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