3D Printed Celebrity Sex Dolls Will Be ‘Available Soon’

Dolls based on the likes of Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson could soon be on the market.

RealDoll's Sex DollImage RealDoll

Whether it’s through virtual reality or ‘realistic’ sex dolls, advances in technology are completely transforming the face of the sex industry.

Sex dolls have experienced a huge rise in popularity recently, and the eerily life-like RealDolls command a $8,000 price tag. Now, it’s been revealed that people could soon design their own sex dolls to look like celebrities.

Earlier this year a designer in Hong Kong created a sex doll resembling Black Widow star Scarlett Johansson, and now an expert has said people will soon be able to create celebrity sex dolls using 3D printing technology.

David Levy, author of Love and Sex with Robots, spoke to The Daily Express and explained there is “absolutely” a huge demand for celebrity sex dolls.

“People will love to share the details. You can imagine people saying, ‘I’ve got a sex robot who looks like Angelina Jolie and she’s fabulous in bed!’

“I think there will be a terrific demand for celebrity sex robots,” he added.

RealDoll sex robot
Image RealDoll.com

Levy went on to say that the dolls could be lucrative for celebrities too, saying: “If you’re Angelina Jolie and there’s a company manufacturing a high-quality product, and you’re getting a royalty of £1,000-2,000 for each one, you could make even more millions than you’ve got just by licensing your appearance.

“For famous people – it will be an extra revenue stream. For the public – it will be great for those who like the idea of having sex with their favourite film star or actor.”

Levy went on to say that technology is available that could allow members of the public to create their own dolls in the near future.

“It will become possible to put in a photograph of the person you want your robot to look like,” he added.

“The manufacturers will have an automated system for creating the silicone – the outer shell of the robot. If you want Angelina Jolie, you just put in a number of photographs of her.

“The software will build up a 3D image of her and model her body exactly as the photographs show it.”

On this evidence, the rise of the ‘life-like’ sex doll is set to continue for some time yet.

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